Creative Product Week 9





This is the final rice scoop design. It is made out of wood but this scoop should be produced by TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) in actual production. Because TPU is tough and durable in high temperature and it resists with chemical reaction. For the water drainer, it should be made of corrosion-resistance alloy. The drainer can be detached from the handle so it is easily clean up by users. The head part is designed little bit bigger compare to the handle part. It is because of maximum efficiency with minimum efforts. There should be color variation in this product to cause familiar mood on every kitchen table.


Creative Product Week 8

사용할 이미지 4

During this week I experienced to make actual size of rice scoop with blue form. The remained wood drainers are example of drainer that will go into the final handle.   사용할 이미지 2

The first model has dynamical shape which has many-side. Due to the multiple sides, it enhances better grip and can stimulate more pressure. However, it takes much spaces and the head parts is comparatively smaller than other shape so that it can not scoop a lot of rice.

사용할 이미지 1

The second model is normally slim and has roundish big head. There is a blade at the head part so it can be used for chopping food and also the hole in the food helps to clean the slim vegetables and easy to hang on the wall.

사용할 이미지 3

The last model is a part of handle and this model will be the closest model with final product. One of the problems that this handle has is the size is too big to normal hand size. Therefore, it needs to be decreased and there should be strong connection between head part and handle.

Creative Product Week 7


Idea sketches final version – Scoop + Water drainer

아이디어 스켓 2


Various shape of handle

아이디어 스켓3

Final sketch(Form)

I decided to make rice scoop that has water drainer and the drainer is became a part of handle so it can save the space and do the extra function. The very end of the handle is round shape so that the rice scoop can stand alone and it has hygienically advanced feature. Not only it has the special features on the handle, but also the head part consist of flexion of round and square shape and it has sharp edge on the left side so that the rice scoop works beyond the original function.

Creative Product Week 6

This time I started Idea sketches first.




From this idea sketches, I realized that too many function will reduce the comfort of using rice scoop but also it will lose the original function. Therefore, I wanted to stay as simple shape and focus on the original function. One of the challenges that I faced was making an innovative shape that does not exist in the past and with that shape, adding extra function which are draining water, standing to protect from dirt, undried surface, and combining chopstick and spoon in aesthetical way. I tried to intend for general usage of rice scoop in kitchen.

Creative Product Week 5



plastic product plastic household Rice scoop(2)

Before I started the actual idea sketches, I came up with some of the design consideration that rice scoop should have or features that the scoop can have.

1. When scooping rice, the rice should not be stuck on the surface. Therefore, user could clean up easily.

2.Crooked surface is better than flat surface to scoop the rice?

3.Is there an effect of double embossed surface? what is the disadvantage of making hole?

4.What kind of material is suitable for making products?

5.Can both sides of rice scoop be used?

6.Which finger is mostly used for scooping rice? and which point receives all the forces?

7.The scraping action is important as much as scooping action.

Creative Product Week 4




Sometimes rice scoop is used for stiring rice when making fried rice but if it has plastic it easily melt down. The advantage of using plastic are cheap production cost, easy to produce, light weight, water resistant ,easy to handle, and easy to clean up. On the other hand, the disadvantage of using plastic is that it can’t prevent scratches, break, and wear out.

There are three types of rice scoop head being used. square shape, round shape, and half square half round.

Each of types have their own characteristic, for example, the square shape performs better quality of scraping up the surface of rice bowls. On the other hand, the round shape makes ease movement while scooping rice.

Creative Product week 3

While I’m doing the research for rice scoop that currently used in daily, I noticed that a lot of good rice scoop design.


Rice measuring scoop is focus on measuring rice amount than scooping. But because of deep head design, it is difficult to scoop boiled rice.


The squirrel rice scoop apply diverse colors on surface and combine character image into the scoop. So it is not boring to use and very adorable. Moreover, the legs support scoop on the air so that it does a pollution control. Sometimes the scoop is used for multiple use by people. Since the legs prevent pollution to scoop head, it is good solution for multiple use. (Hygiene)


Before boiling rice, we have to wash rice to pick out bad one and soak them with water to expand. One of the problem is that user who prepare rice for the first time and if not used to make rice, they tend to fail to estimate proper water amount or rice amount. Usual rice scoop is only used for scooping rice. However, the Multi function spoon in image can be used for filter, blender, salad spoon and so on.

Creative Product Week 2




In terms of raising consumption trend of rice, a lot of people have rice cooker in their house. I assume that people who have rice cooker in their house might have at least one rice scoop. The rice scoop takes an important role to distribute rice. The reason of using rice scoop is for scooping appropriate amount of rice in short time, that is why it is being used instead of using spoon. Not only distributing rice, also recent rice scoop is used for many ways. Moreover, plastic rice scoop helps to avoid scratch in the rice cooker. Most of rice scoop has round shape of head and short length of stick which is approximately palm size. To get through into the rice mass, it has flat and slightly curved shape. Usual rice scoop has white color on it, which is one of opportunities to have aesthetic design. There are unlimited places, where house, apartment, and dorm for rice scoop.

Creative Product Week 1



There are so many kitchen utensils being used in our life and as my cooking experience, I tend to criticize the products after cooking. Mostly I looking for good qualities of utensil, in this case, the good qualities mean that high durability, comfortable grip, aesthetical aspects, possible of multipurpose, size, length, physical dimension, weight, and easy to clean up. The good utensil is constantly being used in every cooking and while user cooking or having a meal, utensils are keep moving around user’s space. Therefore, kitchen utensils are need to be well designed and they will adopted in human environment naturally.