Creative Product Week 8

사용할 이미지 4

During this week I experienced to make actual size of rice scoop with blue form. The remained wood drainers are example of drainer that will go into the final handle.   사용할 이미지 2

The first model has dynamical shape which has many-side. Due to the multiple sides, it enhances better grip and can stimulate more pressure. However, it takes much spaces and the head parts is comparatively smaller than other shape so that it can not scoop a lot of rice.

사용할 이미지 1

The second model is normally slim and has roundish big head. There is a blade at the head part so it can be used for chopping food and also the hole in the food helps to clean the slim vegetables and easy to hang on the wall.

사용할 이미지 3

The last model is a part of handle and this model will be the closest model with final product. One of the problems that this handle has is the size is too big to normal hand size. Therefore, it needs to be decreased and there should be strong connection between head part and handle.


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