Creative Product week 3

While I’m doing the research for rice scoop that currently used in daily, I noticed that a lot of good rice scoop design.


Rice measuring scoop is focus on measuring rice amount than scooping. But because of deep head design, it is difficult to scoop boiled rice.


The squirrel rice scoop apply diverse colors on surface and combine character image into the scoop. So it is not boring to use and very adorable. Moreover, the legs support scoop on the air so that it does a pollution control. Sometimes the scoop is used for multiple use by people. Since the legs prevent pollution to scoop head, it is good solution for multiple use. (Hygiene)


Before boiling rice, we have to wash rice to pick out bad one and soak them with water to expand. One of the problem is that user who prepare rice for the first time and if not used to make rice, they tend to fail to estimate proper water amount or rice amount. Usual rice scoop is only used for scooping rice. However, the Multi function spoon in image can be used for filter, blender, salad spoon and so on.


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