Creative Product Week 2




In terms of raising consumption trend of rice, a lot of people have rice cooker in their house. I assume that people who have rice cooker in their house might have at least one rice scoop. The rice scoop takes an important role to distribute rice. The reason of using rice scoop is for scooping appropriate amount of rice in short time, that is why it is being used instead of using spoon. Not only distributing rice, also recent rice scoop is used for many ways. Moreover, plastic rice scoop helps to avoid scratch in the rice cooker. Most of rice scoop has round shape of head and short length of stick which is approximately palm size. To get through into the rice mass, it has flat and slightly curved shape. Usual rice scoop has white color on it, which is one of opportunities to have aesthetic design. There are unlimited places, where house, apartment, and dorm for rice scoop.


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