10 Creative Products (9)


1.Panacea Slipcase

This CD case has image of a big pill and that pill is telling to listener to easily understand what the meaning of the song.



2.Frame wallpaper

This wallpaper design make user to participate as an designer to fill out the space with memories such as picture and paint.



3.Blump coat hook

This coat hanger is unique than other regular hanger because it contains hole in the middle which allow user to put keys or other important items that should not be lost.



4.The kinkajou: Bottle cutter

The kinkajou bottle cutter is designed for cutting bottles, which are ready to be thrown away. So the one of design intentions is that by cutting a bottles, recycle them in another product such as cup, flowerpot, lamp, pencil case and so on.



5.Objekten key ring

The Objekten key ring, which is made of classic leather has function of docking smart phone with a simple folding action. Since the key ring style is used for organizing keys, user do not need to bring key chain and smart phone stand separately.



6.The Minimalist Time projector, Pin Clock

The Pin Clock is the minimal way to display the time. The difference between normal clock is that it reduces space to take for installing and it projects the time on the wall. So the clock is glued directly to the wall.



7.sandglass traffic light

The sandglass traffic light is intuitive and simply inform the signal that traffic light should do.Also, it has countdown function to help driver know how long they are going to wait. Since it shows image of dropping sand, driver does not need to read from number anymore.




This bag for covering intravenous bags is designed for children who fight against cancer. This child-friendly image of bags contains stories, which is a superheroes go through the similar experiences to those of kids with cancer, but finally they recover their strength with their superformula. The product is very good intention to design.



9.Suitcase made by Samsonite

This suitcase make your travel more convenient and easy. Because it is compact to carry on and robust to sit on. User could take a rest whenever and wherever they want.



10.Cyclone – Spiral hot dog slicer

This pocket-size of small slicer cut hot dog in spiral way. This is small, safe and convenient to use and it has various colors.



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