10 Creative Product (8)


1.Calypso Timeless

This is a charger for Apple Watch. The body is designed for hiding cable so that present more simple design. A magnetic that inside the disk helps to lockup the watch and charging will start after it is locked.



2.Ring ZERO

This ring shape of wearable device enable user to interact with other device by simply moving one finger. For example, drawing triangle is playing music and drawing circle is taking picture. User also could control air conditioner or lamp, if it is connected by WIFI.



3.Nordic Grip

This silicone material product protect high-heeled shoes from raining, snowing, and other natural disaster. Also, the silicone covers shoes to prevent slip by making friction.



4.MaxxVelo velomobile

This aluminum framed car is moving by pedal or electricity. Even though the entire body is 55kg, the maximum speed reach to 44km/h.



5.ODIN projection mouse

This special projection mouse do exactly same function with regular mouse. It can do scrolling, left and right click, dragging, and zooming. The projection mouse is good for wrist because it does not make bended angle.


6.Back attack pack

The ‘Back attack pack’ is designed for people who like to climb a mountain. There are increasing number of accidents that attacked by bear while climbing mountain. So a spray that attached on this product helps to cast out bear from attacking.



7.Noocity Growbed

This is self vegetable garden system that automatically water a garden for three weeks. So user could raise their own vegetable in house. This is good solution for urban user who want to have reliable vegetables.



8.MSV Explorer

The MSVEX MKIII Bobcat Amphibian is designed for sub surface exploration of any body of water from lakes and lagoons to tropical sea. A sub is attached to under of the boat so that user could experience different aspects from this floor boat.



9.Digital ruler ETape16

This convenient ruler helps to measure accurate figures because it shows exact figures on the electrical board. User could store the same dimensions in the program.



10.Flashback photobomber hoodie

This special hoodie utilize nanosphere coating in the fiber. If other person try to take a picture with using flash, the coated fiber reflect whole body to white color so it vanishes the face.This is specialized in avoiding paparazzo.



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