The Creative Product (7)


1. Nano MicroUSB OTG Adapter made by Brando

This is the smallest product in the world. This adapter can be inserted in the usual USB connector and it is just plug and play. With this OTG adapter, you can connect cell phone with keyboard, mouse, and other device that using USB connector.


2.MC-RS1 Rulo Robot Cleaner made by Panasonic

The difference between regular robot vacuum is that it has triangle shape. Therefore, it solves the problem that the original form of vacuum can’t reach to the edge.


3.Kids imagination furniture made by The Cardboard Guys

The entire furniture consist of 40~60% of recycling fiber, but it can support up to 227kg. Since the design is made of cardboard, kids can play with it by assembling and drawing. The product stimulate imagination to kids, so that this is good design.


4.Soup3rd Heat + Blend Made by 3 Squares

The difference between regular blend machine is that it has heating line in the mixer so that user can easily cook soup or source without picking out the mixed food. It can save time, cost, and number of plates that used for cooking.



This product enable to user to touch screen while they wearing gloves.

Usually a solution that currently used for touching while wearing gloves is change material of fingertip of gloves. However with this product, user do not need a special glove to touch screen.


6.Enchroma CX sunglasses

The Enchroma CX color-blindness correction eyewear use special coating layer on the lens, which is ‘Digital Color Boost’. The lens has high durability than regular glasses and over 100 times of coating enable color-blindness people to see correctly.  


7.King Arthur swing table Made by Duffy London

The design intend is to bring the playground into the boardroom or dining room. The hanging chairs are suspended from the four-poster frame around the table top. The product evokes fun experiences.


8.Cup Clip – Multifunctional Clip

This clip can hold a cup by clipping the side on the table tops and shelves. User could use the clip for coffee holder or pencil holder. There is also a hanger attached on the back of clip. The idea is simple and widely used for any tables.


9.Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s smart bottle made by Diageo

The thinfilm around the bottle makes Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. This technology offers information whether the bottle is opened or not and track the bottle movements across the supply chain.


10.Rise Gear Bag Made by Rise Gear

While you are travelling, finding out certain clothes in a short time is difficult to do. Because there will be a lot of clothes and it will be annoying to put them into the bag again. The Rise Gear Bag has four different cabinets, which can be folded. It can help to organize clothes and save time.


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