The Creative Products (6)


1. The Air

By using the Air mask, user can breath good air quality. so the product is suitable for countries, where suffer from air pollution. The product is not only stylish, but also contains technologies that measuring current level of air pollution.


2.The Balloon Plug

This is a bottle cap that fit any bottle. Basically the bottle cap using air to block a bottle neck, It can be used for any width of bottle.   



This product is named by two alphabets from two different objects, which are bicycle and washer. User can load their laundry in back wheel and when user commute, the back wheel do cleaning the clothes.


4.Funnel pot

The pot is designed for easy draining. The problem that we usually face while cooking pasta or something that need to be drained after cooking is difficult to drain water without losing ingredients. This pot allows boiling water to go out from behind, so that it is good for cut down on wastage.


5.Hair Filter

The hair filter cleaning hair while user drain water at bath tub or washstand.This is easy to clean up after using once and the advantage of this product is that it can drain only water from the mixture.


6. View-master

View-master combine two products’ function. The functions are from Google’s cardboard and 3D vision camera. User could experience 3D reality by looking through the lens. The product entertaining user by offering visual sources, so it is creative product.



SkiTaker is made with polyamide and glass fiber, so it allows ski easily detach and attach from the boots. This is a good solution for carrying heavy ski while user moving in resort.


8.Coolpeds Briefcase E-scooter

This is a suitcase but also can be a scooter. It has a handle and pedals. It can go 10 km with first full charge. This is a creative product because it not only enhances mobility of traveling bag, but also shows how bag is evolved.


9.Dashboard Watch

This watch is pretty eco-friendly design, it does not use digital input, and it uses dashboard in watch. The overall shape reminds classical vehicle’s dashboard.



The product is suitable for third world countries. The basic idea of product is that when children playing with rope during the daytime, the machine generates energy and stores the energy for the night time to catch mosquitoes. It can be a solution for malaria.


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