10 Creative Products (9)


1.Panacea Slipcase

This CD case has image of a big pill and that pill is telling to listener to easily understand what the meaning of the song.



2.Frame wallpaper

This wallpaper design make user to participate as an designer to fill out the space with memories such as picture and paint.



3.Blump coat hook

This coat hanger is unique than other regular hanger because it contains hole in the middle which allow user to put keys or other important items that should not be lost.



4.The kinkajou: Bottle cutter

The kinkajou bottle cutter is designed for cutting bottles, which are ready to be thrown away. So the one of design intentions is that by cutting a bottles, recycle them in another product such as cup, flowerpot, lamp, pencil case and so on.



5.Objekten key ring

The Objekten key ring, which is made of classic leather has function of docking smart phone with a simple folding action. Since the key ring style is used for organizing keys, user do not need to bring key chain and smart phone stand separately.



6.The Minimalist Time projector, Pin Clock

The Pin Clock is the minimal way to display the time. The difference between normal clock is that it reduces space to take for installing and it projects the time on the wall. So the clock is glued directly to the wall.



7.sandglass traffic light

The sandglass traffic light is intuitive and simply inform the signal that traffic light should do.Also, it has countdown function to help driver know how long they are going to wait. Since it shows image of dropping sand, driver does not need to read from number anymore.




This bag for covering intravenous bags is designed for children who fight against cancer. This child-friendly image of bags contains stories, which is a superheroes go through the similar experiences to those of kids with cancer, but finally they recover their strength with their superformula. The product is very good intention to design.



9.Suitcase made by Samsonite

This suitcase make your travel more convenient and easy. Because it is compact to carry on and robust to sit on. User could take a rest whenever and wherever they want.



10.Cyclone – Spiral hot dog slicer

This pocket-size of small slicer cut hot dog in spiral way. This is small, safe and convenient to use and it has various colors.



10 Creative Product (8)


1.Calypso Timeless

This is a charger for Apple Watch. The body is designed for hiding cable so that present more simple design. A magnetic that inside the disk helps to lockup the watch and charging will start after it is locked.



2.Ring ZERO

This ring shape of wearable device enable user to interact with other device by simply moving one finger. For example, drawing triangle is playing music and drawing circle is taking picture. User also could control air conditioner or lamp, if it is connected by WIFI.



3.Nordic Grip

This silicone material product protect high-heeled shoes from raining, snowing, and other natural disaster. Also, the silicone covers shoes to prevent slip by making friction.



4.MaxxVelo velomobile

This aluminum framed car is moving by pedal or electricity. Even though the entire body is 55kg, the maximum speed reach to 44km/h.



5.ODIN projection mouse

This special projection mouse do exactly same function with regular mouse. It can do scrolling, left and right click, dragging, and zooming. The projection mouse is good for wrist because it does not make bended angle.


6.Back attack pack

The ‘Back attack pack’ is designed for people who like to climb a mountain. There are increasing number of accidents that attacked by bear while climbing mountain. So a spray that attached on this product helps to cast out bear from attacking.



7.Noocity Growbed

This is self vegetable garden system that automatically water a garden for three weeks. So user could raise their own vegetable in house. This is good solution for urban user who want to have reliable vegetables.



8.MSV Explorer

The MSVEX MKIII Bobcat Amphibian is designed for sub surface exploration of any body of water from lakes and lagoons to tropical sea. A sub is attached to under of the boat so that user could experience different aspects from this floor boat.



9.Digital ruler ETape16

This convenient ruler helps to measure accurate figures because it shows exact figures on the electrical board. User could store the same dimensions in the program.



10.Flashback photobomber hoodie

This special hoodie utilize nanosphere coating in the fiber. If other person try to take a picture with using flash, the coated fiber reflect whole body to white color so it vanishes the face.This is specialized in avoiding paparazzo.


Project #2 Final Sketch & Model making


This is my final sketch of toy concept. I decided to make castle theme and using nutcracker mercenaries. So Idea in here was that if a user hit a board, which is located at the back of the castle, then the character inside the building fall off and other character (Basically it is same character) will come out from the door.


I built a simple mechanism that needs just three actions.

1. Drag it

2. Fix it

3. Shoot it


This is my first model of front door of castle.

PROJECT #2 Rubber Band Toy Process Sketch


It started from a lot of Idea sketches, I sketched desk toy, large scale toy, small scale toy, educational toy and so on.


Then I found a castle theme toy which is shooting small mercenary that hide inside the building. So I mainly focused on how to launch a object by using tension of rubber. Mechanism of mousetrap was really helpful to figure out the toy mechanism.


Then I focused on trigger system, which will contribute on user interaction. So in this pace, the idea was knocking down a character while the ground is moving forward by rubber band.

Project #2 Rubber Band Toy Market Research

bandicam 2015-03-13 17-55-13-938

bandicam 2015-03-13 17-55-19-309

I researched how paper used for making joinary. There are eight different ways to connect paper.

bandicam 2015-03-13 17-55-23-821

There are many types of stress relief toys, for example, shooting something, hitting something and destroying something. The Angry bird toy was good example for this case. Then I realized that there should be a main character who represent the toy. The castle theme is good to have imagination and various shapes.

The Creative Product (7)


1. Nano MicroUSB OTG Adapter made by Brando

This is the smallest product in the world. This adapter can be inserted in the usual USB connector and it is just plug and play. With this OTG adapter, you can connect cell phone with keyboard, mouse, and other device that using USB connector.



2.MC-RS1 Rulo Robot Cleaner made by Panasonic

The difference between regular robot vacuum is that it has triangle shape. Therefore, it solves the problem that the original form of vacuum can’t reach to the edge.



3.Kids imagination furniture made by The Cardboard Guys

The entire furniture consist of 40~60% of recycling fiber, but it can support up to 227kg. Since the design is made of cardboard, kids can play with it by assembling and drawing. The product stimulate imagination to kids, so that this is good design.



4.Soup3rd Heat + Blend Made by 3 Squares

The difference between regular blend machine is that it has heating line in the mixer so that user can easily cook soup or source without picking out the mixed food. It can save time, cost, and number of plates that used for cooking.




This product enable to user to touch screen while they wearing gloves.

Usually a solution that currently used for touching while wearing gloves is change material of fingertip of gloves. However with this product, user do not need a special glove to touch screen.



6.Enchroma CX sunglasses

The Enchroma CX color-blindness correction eyewear use special coating layer on the lens, which is ‘Digital Color Boost’. The lens has high durability than regular glasses and over 100 times of coating enable color-blindness people to see correctly.



7.King Arthur swing table Made by Duffy London

The design intend is to bring the playground into the boardroom or dining room. The hanging chairs are suspended from the four-poster frame around the table top. The product evokes fun experiences.



8.Cup Clip – Multifunctional Clip

This clip can hold a cup by clipping the side on the table tops and shelves. User could use the clip for coffee holder or pencil holder. There is also a hanger attached on the back of clip. The idea is simple and widely used for any tables.



9.Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s smart bottle made by Diageo

The thinfilm around the bottle makes Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities. This technology offers information whether the bottle is opened or not and track the bottle movements across the supply chain.



10.Rise Gear Bag Made by Rise Gear

While you are travelling, finding out certain clothes in a short time is difficult to do. Because there will be a lot of clothes and it will be annoying to put them into the bag again. The Rise Gear Bag has four different cabinets, which can be folded. It can help to organize clothes and save time.


The Creative Products (6)


1. The Air

By using the Air mask, user can breath good air quality. so the product is suitable for countries, where suffer from air pollution. The product is not only stylish, but also contains technologies that measuring current level of air pollution.



2.The Balloon Plug

This is a bottle cap that fit any bottle. Basically the bottle cap using air to block a bottle neck, It can be used for any width of bottle.




This product is named by two alphabets from two different objects, which are bicycle and washer. User can load their laundry in back wheel and when user commute, the back wheel do cleaning the clothes.



4.Funnel pot

The pot is designed for easy draining. The problem that we usually face while cooking pasta or something that need to be drained after cooking is difficult to drain water without losing ingredients. This pot allows boiling water to go out from behind, so that it is good for cut down on wastage.



5.Hair Filter

The hair filter cleaning hair while user drain water at bath tub or washstand.This is easy to clean up after using once and the advantage of this product is that it can drain only water from the mixture.



6. View-master

View-master combine two products’ function. The functions are from Google’s cardboard and 3D vision camera. User could experience 3D reality by looking through the lens. The product entertaining user by offering visual sources, so it is creative product.




SkiTaker is made with polyamide and glass fiber, so it allows ski easily detach and attach from the boots. This is a good solution for carrying heavy ski while user moving in resort.



8.Coolpeds Briefcase E-scooter

This is a suitcase but also can be a scooter. It has a handle and pedals. It can go 10 km with first full charge. This is a creative product because it not only enhances mobility of traveling bag, but also shows how bag is evolved.



9.Dashboard Watch

This watch is pretty eco-friendly design, it does not use digital input, and it uses dashboard in watch. The overall shape reminds classical vehicle’s dashboard.




The product is suitable for third world countries. The basic idea of product is that when children playing with rope during the daytime, the machine generates energy and stores the energy for the night time to catch mosquitoes. It can be a solution for malaria.