10 Creative Products (4)

plastic bag

1.Clever Crates Folding Shopping Bag


This all-purpose and reusable baskets increase efficiency of daily task and storage.

It is useful for stowing without hogging space and is made of recyclable materials, but offer a sustainable alternative to other bags.

projector picopro

2.PICOPRO made by picopros

This ultra portable size of projector is called picopro. It automatically adjust focus and allow to 1920x720p of 19:6 wide screen. User can connect with wifi. This is small size of projector so people can carry with anywhere.


tuna knob

3.Tuna Knobs


User can easily attach or detach from screen and it connects with DJ mixing application. User could feel same feeling of using audio mixing machine.




Orrb is a gymnasium for the mind, helping you relax, regain focus, increase performance and train for self-development. Using this device, people recover conditions within 15 minutes.




It is extremely compact furniture because it can be used stool, foot rest, nightstand, and standing work desk. The book is very portable and user can set up any of furniture in anywhere.




This is natural grill, which doesn’t contain chemicals and it burns itself out. Because it burns itself, there is no waste and doesn’t need to cleanup. It is very eco-friendly product.


7.Air A01 made by Olympus


The product can be connected with normal smart phone, but it can make it as DSLR resolution.

The way of connecting is using WIFI and lens of camera can be changeable.

digital shower

8.Kholer DTV+ made by KOHLER

This shower system allows user to experience digital shower. A digital screen is mounted on the shower booth, and a system controller allows user to set various options such as shower mode, steam mode, sound system and so on. The interesting fact is that the light show and sound system maximize healing effect.





The Leatherman multi-tool designed for users age nine and up. It contains 13 tools in one. There are safety locks, which are positioned to keep fingers out of harm’s way. The size is to fit small hands. The concept that kids can use multi-tool in easy way is making interesting design.


10.Gimball made by Flyability


This drone is specialized in finding something. It is not disturbed by collisions and can safely fly indoors in complex environments. It is considered as creative product because it can be used in industrial facilities, rail, roadways, firefighting and search and so on.


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