10 Creative Products (3)


Meccanoid G15 KS made by Meccano


This robot is consist of 550 pieces of parts. A user could try three different design of robots which are humanoid, robot dinosaur, and industrial robot. There are three different ways of controlling a robot. LIM: Learned Intelligent Movement, audio response, and avatar control with smart phone.

pgalleryLYNX parts

Mad Catz LYNX


This mobile hybrid controller is designed for the gamer who refuses to compromise. The LYNX adapts to fit whatever device users are using. It is so compact and also it can expands to full size controller so that user could experience same grip of Xbox’s or Playstation’s controller.

Steripen Adventure Opti

Steripen Adventure Opti Made by Steripen


The product filter water by using ultraviolet rays. It eradicates 99.9% of virus in water and the product can purify up to 8,000L of water. It is small and light so that it suited to travelers.

사포달린 면봉



This portable, non-conductive and waterproof stick has similar shape with a cotton swab. The black color of the product is actually a sandpaper that can be used for sanding wooden products and other house products.

설치하는 소변기

Main Drain


This is a urinal that can be attached to house toilet. This product allow male users to take a pee more easily and fast without pulling up a urinal cover. User can adjust the height and angle according to their preferences.


Soundglasses SG05 made by Buhel


The glasses can be connected with smart phone and user could listen music or audio sources without plugging earphone. The glasses use high technology that enable hands free communications because it uses bone conduction technology for sound reception.

친환경 조명 salt

Salt Lamp made by Salt.


This sustainable and cost effective ecologically designed lamp is powered by saltwater. It only needs water and salt to turn on the lamp. The product is good for place where can’t access to electricity.




This makes advanced virtual reality experience. The product uses the latest technologies in 3D mapping, sound treatment, and LED projector. User can set up Immersis in any of room that user want.


Toshiba Encrypted USB Flash Drive made by Toshiba


The USB secure any of confidential files for users. The maximum capacity is 32 GB and the USB using military level of security system. A user must type pin number before he or she uses the product.

.사이보컬 도마

New Food cutting board made by Cibocal


There is a bar one side of cutting board, user will use a knife as a lever, the biased bar as the pivot. It helps user who suffer from arthritis and it is safe and easy to use.


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