Project #1 American Goldfinch Birdhouse Statement

Gwanwoo Hong (IND D)

Name of the Project: TryAngle


1.’TryAngle’ offers divergent looking according to different angles. ‘TryAngle’ has shape of triangle beside based on observer’s position, it has different shape and different atmosphere. The reason of applying various atmosphere to house design is because the American goldfinch is the bird, which molting to diverse colors in different seasons and it is possessed distinguishable colors on its’ body. So the bird also can be seen in different angle for different feelings like the birdhouse.


2.The ‘TryAngle’ is adjacent to human dwelling. The design hopes that a human have an intimate relationship with birds especially with American goldfinch. The birdhouse match with a house by showing a luxurious color with a noticeable gold point. Usually American goldfinch has sociable and active characteristics because the bird tends to get along with other birds and the bird easily can be found in backyard or around of feed bucket. Therefore, the design of birdhouse wanted to get closer with bird by giving not only a cozy shelter, but also a place of residence.

3.The birdhouse has enhanced individuality in terms of both its easy of construction and use. Manufacturing and constructing are easy for normal users and user will subconsciously notice how the distinctive shape works. The birdhouse will be produced in form of modules and each module has distinguishable shapes for ease of assembling.


4.It is eco-friendly design that try to integrate house and nature in one. The birdhouse is manufactured with walnut wood and the material is strong, hard, and durable, without being heavy. Moreover, the wood has its’ natural chocolate brown in color, which is contrasted to the color of the American Goldfinch, with a straight grain. The combination of color have luxurious and elegant mood.

The empty space that attached to above the entrance can be utilized as a flowerpot or a feed bucket based on user preferences. Also, the color contrast is made by feed bucket and house aroused a striking view.


5.The birdhouse has multiple benefits: portability, convenience, and compactness.

TryAngle is not big and not heavy. It can be carried around and user can locate it at the right spot.

TryAngle has shapes that does a certain task. User will know how to grip an integrated handle, user and birds will know where is the entrance, user and bird will know where is the perch.

TryAngle has multiple features in one house. It has flowerpot, perch, and small holes that under the house can be used for hanging bird feeds.




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