10 Creative Products (2)

Goldfish Tea Bags

Goldfish Tea Bags (Made by Charm Villa)


The tea bag change its’ color to natural fish color while the shape is getting big.

It has taste, scent, and visual pleasure.


‘LUNA’ mattress. (Made by LUNA)


It estimates heart beats, breathing patterns, sleep patterns while a user sleeping.

Also, it has smart alarm function and it can control temperature of mattress. The mattress let user know how much he or she snored.


Armpere wireless charging sleeve (Made by Novelsy)


It has leather surface, which is different with other phone charging devices.

The user need to do one action to charge a phone. Just put it in the pocket.

It can charge not only smart phone, but also tablet PC.

네시 국자

Nessie Ladle (Made by OTOTO)


This ladle has a shape of a monster ‘Nessie’

One of interesting features is that it can stand alone in the pot.


Glow (Made by Kickstarter)


The Glow earphone flashing its’ LED in response to beat of music.


Dolfi (Made by Dolfi)


It is a next generation washing device, it cleans with the power of ultrashonic technology. Smaller than regular smart phone.

It does not occur rubbing, whirling, stretching, fading, wearing.


‘Tread’ (Made by Leatherman)


This stainless wristlet connected with 25 different tools.

인텔 컴퓨트 스틱

‘Intel compute stick’ (Made by intel)

This small USB stick is actually a computer that developed by Intel.

The user should connect the device with any of display to use the computer.

It is very portable.

텔레파시 점퍼

‘Telepathy Jumper’ (Developed by Hitachi & HLDS)


The product uses Eye contact and Talent Buzz programs for communicating with other users.

Between two users, they could communicate with eye contacting.

자전거 거치대

AB-1 suspension mount (Made by Juin Tech)

It absorbs any vibrations that occur from riding, so that it does not impact on GPS, lantern, and cell phone while riding a bicycle.


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