Weekly Project #1 New Wallet Design

bandicam 2015-01-26 23-54-24-102

Interviewee: Colton Westerberg

Interviewer: Gwanwoo Hong

Q1. What do you like in your wallet?

A: Nice leather grip, leather color, size that fit into pocket.

Q2: Do you like buttonhole or magnetic in your folding part of wallet? Do you like closed style?

A: No, I like open style.

Q3: How many cards you carry?

A: Students cards, ID, coupons… around 10 ~ 15 cards.

Q4: Do you have coin in your wallet?

A: No, I don’t carry them. Usually I just put them in my pocket.

Q5: Do you have any ideal features for your future wallet?

A: I hope to have a finger slip resistant, so that I can easily pull up from my pocket.

So I decided to design a wallet for Colton.

What Colton wanted to have in new wallet: leather / open style / finger slip resistant/ well fitted size for pants/ card containers.

bandicam 2015-01-26 23-54-42-038


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