Class Reading # 1

Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through immersion in Natural Settings.

Questions after reading

Q1. Does natural environments always elicit a kind of soft fascination and emotionally positive and low arousing? What if a peron does not enjoy to be outside? What if the weather irritating person?

Q2. These days a lot of media dealing with nature( Ex. survival show). Could it be beneficial to our creativity?

Moreover, there are indirect way of experience nature by using high technologies, which are 3D or 4D experience. Does it impact on our brain too? Does it works as same way of traveling the real outdoor? If so, how can we say that techonology and nature are considered to be different sides of same coin?


Weekly Project #1 New Wallet Design

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Interviewee: Colton Westerberg

Interviewer: Gwanwoo Hong

Q1. What do you like in your wallet?

A: Nice leather grip, leather color, size that fit into pocket.

Q2: Do you like buttonhole or magnetic in your folding part of wallet? Do you like closed style?

A: No, I like open style.

Q3: How many cards you carry?

A: Students cards, ID, coupons… around 10 ~ 15 cards.

Q4: Do you have coin in your wallet?

A: No, I don’t carry them. Usually I just put them in my pocket.

Q5: Do you have any ideal features for your future wallet?

A: I hope to have a finger slip resistant, so that I can easily pull up from my pocket.

So I decided to design a wallet for Colton.

What Colton wanted to have in new wallet: leather / open style / finger slip resistant/ well fitted size for pants/ card containers.

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10 Creative Products (1)


Smart belt ‘belty’ (Made by Emiota)
‘Belty’ can communicate with you, via tactile feedback, to help you reach your fitness goals.

‘Belty’ automatically loosening the belt as you sit or tightening the belt as you stand so that it enhances the comfort.

‘Belty’ has built-in pedometer, inactivity monitoring, waistline trend analysis, bluetooth capabilities, and sister phone app.


Portable keyboard ‘TextBlade’ (Made by Waytools)

slim, small, easy to carry.

Universal to all, it can be used for phone, laptop, tablet PC, PC… and so on.

Deconstructed, crafted keys, full travel keys, full-size space keys like a real keyboard.

incorporate with magnet.


wireless/bluetooth speaker ‘SuperStar BackFloat’ (Made by Monster)

It can float in the water and remain upright.

Waterproof function, it can be used in outdoor or indoor pool, bath…etc.

Bluetooth connection with smart phone, tablet PC, laptop, PC.

It has audio input & output .


Robot ‘Budge’ (Made by Five Elements Robotics)

This friendly robot carries a person’s things.

It can be used as shopping assistant, executive assistant, travelling companion, helper for elderly and disabled.


Wearable health product ‘Balance Sandal Vicyaclady Shoes’

It helps to keep balance and to enhance the muscle on leg while walking. Therefore, user will get well balanced leg shape.


Smart shoes ‘Le Chal’ (Developed by Krispian Lawrence & Anirudh Sharma)

The shoes is a haptic navigation device, which figure out a user’s location in real time.

Then navigate user by giving vibration.

The shoes helps to guide to visually impaired person.


Furniture & Technology. ‘ Under bed night light’

Prevent collision with bed at night time.

The light has motion sensor to detect person’s motion. It will turn the light on automatically.

Since the LEDs are located under the bed, it does not impact on other people while they are sleeping.


Filterless Air Purifier (Made by NASA)

The technology that purifying air without using filter is currently used in spacecraft.

The product doesn’t need a filter because it uses UV(Ultraviolet) rays for evoking chemical action to capture virus in air.

It says 99.99% of virus will be destroyed with only 60W.

Wearable injectors

Health product ‘Wearable injectors’ (Made by Unilife)

It can stick to human skin and automatically give a shot during certain period.

It estimates quantities of injection and speed of injection.


Accessory ‘Frebble’

Frebble is an accessory designed to allow user to hands with partner at a distance.

For example, when user squeeze it, the other person will feel your squeeze.

It is very sensitive product, which convey person’s emotion.